Parent and Child Reading Assistance Finally Goes Public!

Last weekend, April 21 -22, I shared my business at the Weekend for Families Summer Preview.

The show came at the perfect time for me. I've been developing my parent support business for three years. I was able to share my business and meet the people I want to reach. Wow! I met some amazing people. I loved hearing their stories and learning about their needs.

I'm passionate about helping children learn, and I've discovered the best use of my time will be supporting children's most important teachers (their parents). It's an unusual approach, but it's the approach I find most rewarding!

Were you at the show? Did we get a chance to talk? Many conversations were cut short. Please add me as a friend on Facebook, and/or like Parent and Child Reading Assistance on Facebook to continue some of our conversations. Send me your email in a private message. You can also contact me from my Parent and Child Reading Assistance website.

I'm planning some workshops/parties. I need to get a few interested parents before I will book a meeting room at the Best Western Kelly Inn across from Geyser Park. If you would like to be added to a list of people interested in workshops and parties, please contact me.

What is Parent and Child Reading Assistance?
Parent and Child Reading Assistance was started
by Michelle Breum.

Parent and Child Reading Assistance works to meet your needs. I understand every parent is different, and every child is different. I've researched the most effective and low cost resources, tools, and books. I've even created a few. The best way to get what you need for your situation is to attend a workshop/party.

I'm working out some details to make workshop/parties pretty amazing. Contact me today to be invited.


Carolyn Wilhelm said...

What a wonderful display and booth you shared at the family event. Your idea sounds perfect for today's world. I hope this goes extremely well for you and that the parties are fun, too. Carolyn

MaryAnne K said...

Congratulations - how exciting!

Becky said...

It looks AWESOME! Congratulations!!!