Teach Phonics Rules with Hop on Pop - CV Rule

Make sure the new reader you are helping knows the long o, long e vowel sounds and the consonants g, n, w, and m sounds.

You will be teaching the CV Rule or the consonant vowel rule. A vowel at the end of a short word usually has a long vowel sound.

You can write the words no, go, me, and we or use magnetic letters to make the words NO, GO, ME, and WE.

The first step is to show a child to make the letter sounds and blend the sounds together to make the sounds into a word.

Here's a video of me showing how to blend the sounds in the words NO, GO, and SO using magnetic letters.

Magnetic letters have the added bonus of mixing the letters up and asking a child to put them back together.

You can share read the book Hop on Pop by Dr. Suess to allow a child to practice the words WE, ME, HE, and NO. You will read the book to a child. Pause and point under WE, HE, ME, and NO at the beginning of sentences and when they are written in bold type at the top of the page. Make sure your child knows which words he or she is expected to read. Some children want to take over all the reading in a shared reading and get frustrated.

Here are the pages from Hop on Pop you can share read.




maryanne @ mama smiles said...

Hop on Pop is one of my favorite early reader books - so many words they can read, and a fun story!

Ms. Tonya said...

I love Hop on Pop! It is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books. Share reading is great too. It takes aways the pressure of having to read an entire book alone. Thanks for the great ideas.

Jackie H. said...

We love Hop on Pop! Logan is reading a lot of the words himself!! He feels so "big".

Wise Owl Factory said...

Dr. Seuss books can't be beat for teaching early reading as kids find them so engaging. And you take it a step further by adding a practical lesson parents can replicate! Thanks so much, Carolyn