Fundraiser for a School PTA or Any Organization

I know about a company that can help schools and other organizations raise money and raise reading levels.

The company is called LaunchPad Learning. It's a fundraiser that doesn't require a lot of paper work or high pressure sales. One thing this company avoids is children selling door to door or hitting up family and friends.

Here's a video to watch.

A fundraiser with LaunchPad Learning is perfect for organizations who have members with school-aged children. Your organization can offer an opportunity for families to test reading levels and get high interest books at the right levels shipped to their doors. The price for a yearly subscription is $39.95 and monthly book shipments are $11.99.

During the pilot year organizations can earn 20% on subscription fees and 15% on book sales. After a certain number of sign-ups the 20% goes up to 25%.

I'm an account executive for this company. I can help you get the ball rolling for your organization.

This is an exciting company and opportunity. Contact me to make arrangements for a fundraiser today.

LaunchPad Learning fundraisers can be tied in with a book fair or used book sale. I'd love to help you make some money for your organization.

I'm planning to set up used book sales and pencil in the Lexile levels in books by looking up levels online for customers at fundraising events for my children's gymnastic school and our school's PTA. I'm going to advertise the book sales in local event calendars for families. The advertising will be free. I'm looking forward to these fundraisers. I love books, so it's a perfect match!


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