Teach An Early Reader with the Free Printable Book - Fruit

Fruit is a patterned text book for early readers. The author, Leanne Guenther, has been kind enough to share this book and many others on this site. I've shared some of my favorite books from the site and free printable high frequency word flashcards with sounding out tips in a previous post.
The flashcards that go with this book are: I and like

Teach the silent e rule. You can show the words like and lick with magnetic letters and ask a child to mix up the words and put them back together making the sounds for the letters as they are moved in place to make the words. (This will give practice with the short and long sound of the letter a.)

The pattern in this book is: I like ________ .
The fruit words in this book can be figured out by picture clues and beginning sounds. Most early readers will not be able to sound out the long words in this book. Very early readers will probably only be able to "read" the last words in the sentences by using the picture clues or by hearing an adult say the name of the fruit.

I'm going to give you a few extra ways to teach with this book. As always, my advice is to follow a child's lead. Stop if it's frustrating, and go on if a child is learning. Here are some ideas and videos for you. 

Practice tapping and hearing syllables in words.

Practice blends.

Show how more than one letter can work together to make a sound

Teach a child who knows long and short vowel sounds that there are exceptions.

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Thanks for reading.

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Wise Owl Factory said...

Nicely done, once again. This is very helpful for parents and teachers trying to help children figure out reading. Thank you. I pinned this! Carolyn

MaryAnne said...

What a cute early reader!

Becky said...

I had no clue these readers existed on her website! Thank you for sharing, Michelle!!

Jackie H. said...

And "I like" is always such a popular writing "topic" for early writers. I think because it makes them feel successful! I like how you started with something they may control (I like) and then introduced new harder things. Great!