Teach and Practice Sight Words with Online Books From Starfall

Most sight words can be taught through rules and letter to sound relationships. Children learn words much quicker this way. Words become sight words through repeated exposure. A new reader can be taught sight words by sounding them out, practicing them with flashcards, and playing with magnetic letters. I think the best way to learn to read sight words quickly is to have a reader practice reading sight words while reading books. Here's a link to Good Books for Beginning Readers.
There are some free fiction and non-fiction books from Starfall. The first books have a read to you option. Just click on the picture of the ear by the words on each page. The rest of the books can be read to an early reader, share read, or read alone by an early reader.

There are three sets of books written with mostly sight words. You will find these sets for sale in Starfall's online store. Look for the I'm Reading book sets. If you buy four or more sets at the same time, the price for each set goes down. This buying books in bulk option is good for teachers or a group of parents.

I've created flashcards with sounding out tips printed on the back to go with the Now I'm Reading! Take-Home-Booklet Set #3. I've used this set of flashcards for tutoring. These flashcards are similar to the free flashcards I created for my Sight Word Flashcards with Free Printable Books posts.

The sight word flashcards I use for tutoring were printed on 67lb colored paper. They hold up well. I'm considering setting up a PayPal link and selling these flashcards. I'd print them and cut them just enough to fit in a letter sized envelope to save on postage. If I get any interest, I'll start editing my cards and set up a link to sell them.

You can look in the back of the book covers from the I'm Reading books from Starfall and make your own flashcards. If you've used my free printable flashcards from my other posts, you should be able to teach a new reader to sound out most sight words based on the tips I shared on those cards.

I'm not getting paid from any purchases from Starfall's books. I just like them.


maryanne @ mama smiles said...

My 5yo daughter loves starfall! I didn't realize they have print books that could be ordered!

Jackie H. said...

I didn't realize they had print books for sale either! We love Starfall. And my students always loved the Dear Dragon books. Our library has loads of those in their early reader section!

Becky said...

Hey Michelle! You are always sharing such great websites! I've loved starfall from the get-go and was very blessed to get their books for free before they went "big". We LOVE them! Thanks for sharing this info with other parents.