Teach an Early Reader with the Free Printable Book Go Car Go!

This post is part of a series. You can get started here and catch up.

Visit this link to print the book. -  Go Car Go!
(I put a little clear packing tape over my staples to keep the staples from snagging things or cutting fingers.)

Visit this link to print flashcards to go with the series.

This post will cover a number of things an early reader can learn. You'll find short videos demonstrating things you can teach an early reader with this free printable book. Choose the ones you think your beginning reader needs.

Teach words.

Teach the word an and two ways to pronounce the word a.
(The word a is a good introduction to the schwa sound.)

Teach syllables.

The next post in this series will have videos showing teaching separating and blending sounds with magnetic letters and words in Go Car Go! There will be two levels of words.

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