Separating and Blending Sounds in Words from the Free Printable Book Go Car Go!

Many early reader books have sentences that repeat except for a few changes like in the free printable books I've shared with you for this series of posts combining free flashcards and early reader books. The free printable book Go Car Go! has easy to sound out words for early readers to practice separating sounds and blending sounds. Magnetic letters work great to help a child separate and blend sounds in words. You could use alphabet puzzle pieces or letters written on cards if you don't have magnetic letters.
The words boat and car and a few others in this book can teach an early reader to see letters that work together. Practice separating the sounds in these words if you think a child is ready. If learning letter combinations is too hard, you can show the beginning sound of harder words and the picture from the book to help a child "read" some of the harder words in the book Go Car Go.
I'm separating the videos by the level of difficulty of words. If you think a child is ready to sound out the harder words, give it a try. The level 2 or harder words can be used to teach a more advanced reader or used to introduce and model sounding out longer words to an early reader.

Level 1 - Easy Words:

Level 2 - Harder Words:

You can show separating sounds in other words from the book not included in the videos I made. Follow your child's lead. Play with a few words, but don't overwhelm is my philosophy. Encourage a child to read early reader books many times. Listening to an adult read and pointing under words is a valuable activity too.

I hope you have printed the flashcards and free printable books. Only you will know when your child is ready to start taking over reading all the reading or parts of the reading from these books. Feel free to move onto other books and use your intuition and advice from these first posts.

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The Book Chook said...

I think magnetic, foam, plastic and wooden letters are such a cheap yet effective way to surround kids in what is essentially print. Picking out the blends or a special medial vowel the way you have here is a simple way to reinforce concepts.

Jackie H. said...

We love our magnetic letters. My son is picking up some signt words but he is still very young. He has caught on how to segment the word so he isolates the first sound and he can break a word into onset and rime. Sometimes when I have him rebuild the words, I hand him the correct letters in order instead of him looking for them. I've found this a good way to modify letter work for a very, very, very beginning reader. Your videos are very instructional and provide great help to parents who want to practice with their kids at home!

Rebecca said...

Love that schwa sound! It's one of my favorite sounds to teach.

It's great that your making free resources for parents & educators!