Let's Practice Reading the Words Go, We, and See

Have you printed the free high frequency word flashcards I shared in a previous post? The speed you go through and introduce these words will depend on the skill level and interest level of each child.
As I present this series, I will share a variety of ways to introduce and practice these words. Since you know the child or children you are teaching best, please only use what works for your situation.

These words follow the CV phonics pattern. You may want to watch this video I made showing blending the sounds in a few CV phonics pattern words. You can find magnetic letters and the board I used in the video here.

Ideas to Introduce the Words:
1. Show the flashcards. Talk about the long sound of the vowel in each word. Blend the two sounds together.

2. Use finger paint, sidewalk chalk, markers, crayon, dry-erase markers, dry-erase crayons, or anything else to have a child practice writing these words. Have a child make the letter sound while writing each letter in the words.

3. Spell all three words with magnetic letters and mix them up. Put the words back together while making the sounds for the letters as you move them in place. You can do this for a child, with a child, or ask a child to do it alone depending on ability. Here's a post with a video of my son mixing up words and putting them back together with magnetic letters.

4. Search for these words in books you read aloud. Point under the words as you read. You can stop on these words or other words your child knows and let them share in the reading.

The word GO is in the story Go, Dog. Go! Most children ask to have this book read over and over. 

The word Go is in the story Put Me in the Zoo at least once. The words We and See are in the book Put Me in the Zoo quite a few times. This is also a story kids love read to them over and over.

Hop on Pop is another really good book to read aloud with lots of high frequency words. All three of these books are eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping. If you purchase $25 worth of eligible products, you won't pay shipping. It's important to click the Super Saver Shipping box when you check out to get free shipping. Don't forget that step. I have before when I was in a hurry.

I wrote another post previously showing teaching the words no and go you may be interested in reading. Once a child learns a word, you may want to make extra flashcards with related words. For example: add the words no and so to your flashcards when go is a well known word. After learning we and see words with similar spelling could be introduced with flashcards too. (she, me, he, tree, three, bee) You can make blank flashcards the same size as the flashcards I shared for free and add words as you see fit.

Stay tuned. The next group of high frequency words is coming soon.

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Aunt Annie said...

Fab, Michelle! Thanks.

Can I just add that writing the letters outdoors in the dirt with a stick, or in the sand on the ground around the sandpit, can be a great way to do this in a culturally appropriate way for indigenous kids? It also seems to engage the boys more if you do it with sticks and dirt!

Sofia's Ideas said...

The great thing about having so many kids is that we get to go through the Dr. Seuss phase over & over & over again! We love Love LOVE Dr. Seuss, but who doesn't right? And I love Aunt Annie's (above) comment about simply using a stick on the ground - so up my alley!

Anyway, I'm your newest GFC "friend"! I'm new to We Teach and just joined the "We're Bloggers" group. When you find a moment, I would love for you to do the same. You can find me at

Sofia's Ideas

Angel Read said...

I love the ideas of having them write the words using different materials! I used to homeschool my nieces and they were much more eager to practice words if I gave them something novel to write with or practice with. They also liked painting the words on the sidewalk, with water, in the summer!