30 Free High Frequency Word Flashcards Series: Go Car Go!

Let's teach the words I, a, an and car from the free flashcards I made to go with eight free printable books for early readers. I recently added 10 more cards. If you've already printed the first 20, you'll find the 10 extra here. If you are just joining, welcome! Please print these flashcards and join this series of helping beginning readers learn high frequency words by grouping similar words together, learning words by sounds, and practicing reading words in books.
This post focuses on helping an early reader read the book Go Car Go! It is perfectly okay to read parts of this book to an early reader. Some children will need more support than others. Even if parts are memorized or picture clues are used, that's okay. A child's first experiences with books should be fun. There is no one right way to "read" a book. Follow a child's lead. Teach a little at a time. These books can be read many times. An adult can read a book the first few times to an early reader. Adults can teach about words, syllables, and sounds during repeated readings of books. A child will take over reading a book when he or she is ready.

The most common words in the book Go Car Go! are I, see, a, an, and go. The words see and go were introduced in a previous post. The words see, go, and I have long vowel sounds. The word a is special. It can have the long sound of the letter a or the schwa sound. The word car introduces the r controlled ar spelling. The word car has three letters but only two sounds. The word an has two sounds and follows the VC rule.

I suggest putting the words a child is practicing and knows or almost knows in a small plastic bag. These can be practiced daily. Add new words as they are taught. Make sure you don't add more than a child can handle at a time. You may want to add extra flashcards you make yourself that are similar to practice words if you like. Once the word go is learned, the words no and so could be added.

The next post in this series will show a few more things you can do with an early reader and the book Go Car Go!



Jackie H. said...

My son is starting to notice a lot about print! It's exciting times to introduce him to the early reader books. Did you say these were printable books? I didn't see the link. Maybe it's on an older post? I'll check around.

Deb Chitwood said...

Great ideas as usual, Michelle! And thanks so much for sharing such awesome resources! Deb @ LivingMontessoriNow.com

Lovingmama said...

I shared this post on our FB page, but would love for you to link up to the Afterschool BlogHop. =) http://theeducatorsspinonit.blogspot.com/2011/11/how-to-improve-reading-comprehension.html

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