30 Free High Frequency Word Flashcards Series: Go, We, See

Let's start this series with the words go, we, and see. These words have two sounds. The word see is a good introduction to how letters can make one sound together.
First make sure all sounds are known. Point and practice together. I wrote the letters on a Magna Doddle for the youtube video I made showing how to practice the sounds in these words. You can find files and directions to print and cut the flashcards in a previous post. Magnetic letters or any other way of writing could be used to practice letter sounds in these words.

Here's a picture of the letters written on a Magna Doodle. It's fun to change things up.

Dry-erase Crayons click to visit a related post

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Here's a quick YouTube video of me demonstrating practicing the letter sounds in the words we, go, and see.

 The books Go Car Go! and Building a Bird House from the free online printable books from DLTK's mini books I shared in a previous post are good books to read with your beginning reader if you are teaching the words we, go, and see. Try printing these today if you are following this series and have a beginning reader. I suggest reading most of the book to a child, depending on their ability, and letting them read the words they know, can sound out easily, or can figure out from picture clues. Share reading books with early readers has many benefits. Reading should be enjoyable, not frustrating.

The next post in this series will show blending the sounds in these words and some books you can read to a child learning these words. The words we, go, or see are repeated often in the books I'll share.


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