30 Free High Frequency Word Flashcards Series: Print the Front and Back of Flashcards

Here is the first in a series of posts to introduce and teach 30 high frequency words. You will find free printable early reader books and more information about why I created these flashcards here.
Here are the links to download and print the free high frequency word flashcards I'd like you to try out:
Mini Book Flashcards Front
Mini Book Flashcards Back
10 More Mini Book Flashcards Front
10 More Mini Book Flashcards Back(I use a free service provided by MediaFire and have not had problems with downloads. Let me know in a comment if you ever have problems viewing or printing one of my files.) 

Please print the back. I think teaching a child to sound out these words with the sounding out tips I provided will help a reader sound out more words in the future. I was able to print the front, keep my pages in the same order as they came out of the printer, and place them upside down and backwards to print the back. I use grayscale printing to save ink when I print my cards. I hope you find making these cards easy. If you have questions, please ask in a comment.

I suggest using heavy weight paper. I used 67 lb. colored paper measuring 8 1/2 in. by 11 in.

Cut 1/2 in. off the top and bottom of paper of your 11 in. paper leaving it 10 inches long.

Now cut 2 in. strips.

Cut strips in half. Each flash card will be 4 1/4 in. wide and 2 in. tall.

You now have 30 flashcards to go with free printable mini-books. (Cut extra blank cards from your colored heavy weight paper to add more words you'd like to teach your child.) These words with sounding out tips should give you a good start on knowing how to teach a child to sound out high frequency words.



Anonymous said...


Your early reader books and flashcards look fantastic! I am keen to print out the flashcards but unfortunately, it won't let me unless I sign up to the media site that it goes to.

Michelle Breum said...

MediaFire is free to sign up. I use this service, because it's the only way I know to share these flashcards online. If anyone knows of a better way, please let me know. I have to be careful to keep the dimensions exact, so printing and cutting the flashcards works out.
The early reader books are free and available online from another source. I didn't create the books.