Videos to Teach Reading

I'm working on my first video I plan to make available online and through in home Beginning Reading Help parties. My focus of the videos I'm creating will be to show children and parents how to use the products I sell at Beginning Reading Help parties.
I'm very excited about my first video. It's called Basic Phonics: Short Vowels. It's not available as of today, but when it is I'll share a link to where you can purchase it. I think I have an approach that is easy to understand and beginning readers will learn through books and using their own magnetic letters.

Here's a youtube video of the products I recommend to use with the Basic Phonics: Short Vowels video.


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Deb Chitwood said...

I always enjoy your videos! I love the magnetic tabletop easel and magnetic letters. It's great that the vowels are one color and consonants another and that they're lowercase letters. Deb @