Practice Short Vowel Sounds

Early readers need to learn short vowel sounds.
Here are links to some videos to help your beginning reader practice and learn short vowel sounds. 

Hop on Pop is a great book to read aloud to a child learning short vowel sounds. You can have your child try to read short vowel words. Check out this video I made showing teaching a child to read, mix up, and put back together a group of short vowel words from Hop on Pop.

The following pictures are additional groups of words you can teach in the same way as the video.

Here's a link to other posts I've made related to Hop on Pop.

Most kids like to have Hop on Pop read to them many times. They also like to read all or parts of Hop on Pop as soon as they can.


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Maytal said...

Wow, that looks great. Actually i love youtube for how to's and many parents can use it today to help their kids learn how to read better.