Free Online Stories

You should check out some of the free online stories I've collected. Kids love computer time. Try having your kids listen to a few stories a day. It's a great way to get a few more stories read to your kids.
Sitting on a parent's lap or snuggled up next to a parent is a child's favorite way to listen to a story. I hope you are taking the time to do it. Most likely if you are reading my blog, you are. Encourage other parents you know to read to their children everyday. Check out Parent and Child Reading Assistance for some recommended books and read aloud advice.

My husband and I read everyday to our kids when they were very young. They wouldn't let us miss a night. Three kids, three books. They would each choose a book and get a turn on mom or dad's lap depending on who was reading that night. Now that they are all in elementary school, reading on their own, and busy with activities we haven't read as much to them.

I'm finding some good chapter books and reading more to them. Recently I read a book called 7 Keys to Comprehension that has shown me how to teach my children to be better readers by encouraging thinking while reading. I am teaching my children to connect to books and think while reading books out loud to them. 7 Keys to Comprehension has given me the confidence and know how to communicate with my children while reading to them. The book let me know the importance of the conversations we have while reading together. I'm slowing down and taking the time for these important interactions. I highly recommend this book!



Rebecca said...

You nailed it on the head- conversations build comprehension! Thanks for the book tip! Just found you via We Teach- Love your blog!

Debbie said...

I honestly believe that the moments you share 'in conversation' while in the midst of reading together, will be the memories shared for a lifetime ahead.

Forge on with your reading, you are creating a life-time of motivation.

Aunt Annie said...

Thanks Michelle- love it.