Animorphs Books in Order

My ten year old son loves the Animorphs Book Series. Have you heard about these books? He loves books filled with action, and usually reads these books in a few days if he has time. The first book in the Animorphs series was published in 1996 and the last book was published in 2001. There are 54 books in the Animorphs series.
You may enjoy reading some of these books out loud to your children and work on reading comprehension.

Here's a book trailer for Animorphs. It may help you decide if these books would interest any of your children. I like the descriptive language and the way the author shares the characters' feelings. Kids love the high energy action.

There's even a website for readers of the Animorphs series to take quizes and explore.
My son thinks he wants to read the entire Animorphs Series by the end of the summer. The challenge is finding all 54 books. I don't want to buy them all. I checked at our local Barnes and Noble store. The books were $6.99 each, and the store only had the first two books in the series. Almost all the books are checked out from our library. I'm signed up with BookPig. We have a four books per month book rental plan, and they have the Animorphs books. If you sign up with BookPig be sure to use the code READHLPZ to get 50% off your first monthly fee.
We may have to resort to buying some of these books from Amazon. Here's a list of the Animorphs Books in case you are interested. I'm sharing them in order. Each book is linked to Amazon. You can find reviews of each book. Most look like they have Free Super Saver Shipping. Be sure to check the Super Saver Shipping box when checking out to get the discount.

You can buy The Animorphs Series Complete Set or:
The Invasion #1

The Visitor #2
The Encounter #3
The Message #4
The Predator #5
The Capture #6
The Stranger #7
The Alien #8
The Secret #9
The Android #10
The Forgotten #11

The Reaction #12
The Change #13
The Unknown #14
The Escape #15
The Warning #16
The Underground #17
The Decision #18
The Departure #19
The Discovery #20
The Threat #21
The Solution #22
The Pretender #23
The Suspicion #24

The Extreme #25
The Attack #26
The Exposed #27
The Experiment #28
The Sickness #29
The Reunion #30
The Conspiracy #31
The Separation #32
The Illusion #33
The Prophecy #34
The Proposal #35
The Mutation #36
The Weakness #37
The Arrival #38

The Hidden #39
The Other #40
The Familiar #41
The Journey #42
The Test #43
The Unexpected #44
The Revelation #45
The Deception #46
The Resistance #47
The Return #48
The Diversion #49
The Ultimate #50
The Absolute #51
The Sacrifice #52
The Answer #53
The Beginning #54

I've read parts of these books. The books seem good, but I'd like my son to be exposed to other books and authors. I plan to have my son read one other book for every two animorphs books he reads this summer.
If anyone has an opinion about these books, please share in a comment.

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Rebecca said...

The covers of these books are all a little creepy- but many of my former students LOVED them. I like how you've encouraged your son to mix it up.