Match Letter Sounds to Read Words

Does your reader know letter sounds? There are many free online resources to learn letter sounds. Reading alphabet books can be fun and teach letter sounds and letter recognition.
Many beginner reader books and phonics books start with words with short vowel sounds. It's good to get a reader comfortable with short vowel sounds and introduce long vowels and long vowel spelling patterns after some practice with short vowels.

Playful Pals by Nora Gaydos is a great 10 book Phonics Reader Set with short vowel words.

I've created a free word reading guide to read before each book in the Playful Pals set you may find helpful to teach a reader to match letters to sounds and read words left to right. Click on the highlighted link to download this helpful guide. The guide is made for an early reader to learn to read through each word and not ignore letters. If you have a reader who has learned to guess at words, this guide will be extremely helpful. There are some high frequency words in bold at the end of each book's word list. If you'd like some flashcards to teach high frequency words, check out this post.

You may want to print the free word reading guide on heavy paper and cut each list into 1 1/4 inch strips. Here are some pictures to give you an idea of what I mean. It should make it easier for a beginner reader to focus on the right words.

Cut in 1 1/4" strips

Short Vowel Words

High Frequency Words

Since I think a beginning reader should be exposed to more than just phonics books, I'm sharing another good book set that I think is perfect for early readers.

You can view an entire book of The Chase online. The Chase is a book from the Brand New Readers Red Set. Notice the great introduction page. Each book has a scripted introduction page to help a new reader get into a story and be ready for the words he or she might be reading. Each set comes with stickers, a blank make your own Brand New Reader book, and a very informative how to guide.

If you'd like personal help teaching a child to read, I offer consulting.


Jackie H. said...

I love the Brand New Reader books!!!! And they are really reasonably priced compared to other early readers. I'll have to check out the other one, too.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment Jackie. I'm all for high quality reasonably priced books. Both these sets are a good value. I really like to combine beginning readers and phonics books.
Here's a link to my most recommended beginning reading products.