Have You Read Any Robert Munsch Books to Your Children?

Robert Munsch has written some very funny stories with repeated language. I just found out some interesting information about Robert Munsch today from a video. Robert Munsch began telling his stories in daycares.

My kids love Robert Munsch stories. I suggest taking a trip to the library and checking out a stack of Robert Munsch books. Your kids will want to listen to them more than once. Robert Munsch has a silly sense of humor. You may want to preview the books first. Munsch has a childlike sense of humor. The book Up, Up, Down may bother some parents since the main character is disrespectful to authority. Most of Robert Munsch's books are funny, but you never know what this author might come up with to get a laugh from children. He is a little unpredictable like a child. You will have to be the judge of what you'd like your children to hear. My children started repeating the disrespectful phrase from Up, Up, Down at the playground when they climbed to the top of something. I put a stop to that quickly, but not before a little embarrassment.

No one can tell a Robert Munsch story better than Robert Munsch. A few summers ago I checked out the CD Love You Forever for a road trip from our local library. It kept my three children entertained! Robert Munsch tells thirteen stories with sound effects included. If you click on the Amazon link for this CD and scroll down you'll find sample audio clips of each story.


Melissa Taylor said...

we have most of his books memorized! I love author studies like you and wrote one on Mr. Munsch, the funniest author! Here it is if you're interested. :)

Melissa @imaginationsoup

Mama Pea Pod said...

Robert Munsch is my #1 favourite children's author! My favourite is The Paperbag Princess, but I can't convince Princess Pea to let me read it to her yet as she's scared of the dragon. Other favourites are Purple, Green and Yellow, Thomas' Snowsuit, and Stephanie's Ponytail. We also have the same CD.

Debbie said...

"Love You Forever." Classic. I was usually in a puddle by the time I finished reading it to my daughters. A million years ago. I'd probably be more a basket case now, to read it as a grandma.

Jackie H. said...

I love Roar! I also like The Paperbag Princess. You are right about his unpredictability. It makes him funny but you definitely want to preread all of his books before sharing them aloud ;) Thanks for the video link!

Wise Owl Factory said...

The one I like the most is about Thomas and his Snowsuit. After dressing children in snowsuits a few times in the winter any adult will appreciate the book, and of course the children will, too. Carolyn