Surf's Up Saturday! April 2, 2011

Welcome to Surf's Up Saturday! Every Saturday I share free online reading games for children, free online stories for children, and resources to teach children to read I've found surfing the web.

Free Online Stories for Children - Children's Storybooks Online

Free Online Reading Games for Children - Online Games for Children to Hear Individual Sounds in Words

Free Resources to Teach Reading - The International Reading Association has put out free brochures for parents. These can be downloaded for free or copies can be ordered from the site. Here's the link for all the parent brochures and guides. When you get to the site, the page will look blank. You will need to scroll down to find the links.
Here are some of my favorite helpful guides from IRA for parents teaching children to read:
Getting Your Child Ready to Read
Supporting Your Beginning Reader
What Kids Really Want to Read

I'll be surfing the web this week and share my finds next Saturday. Follow this blog or sign up with email, so you don't miss next week's finds.

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kay- your're my new hero! this is perfect for us right now! thank you so much for putting it together- "you so totally rock dude"

ravenous1914 said...

Good day michelle. Very informative post because this is a great help to all parents and individual who love to teach their children...
Thanks also for adding me up in your list of friends and following me...

Nice day ahead..