Have You Heard About BookPig?

Book Pig is a book rental business. You have to check out their website. What a great idea for a business!

I bought most of my books at used stores and checked out books at the library when my kids were young. I had time when they weren't in school all day and busy with activities to go and pick out books. I still have a lot of books at home they can read, but they are becoming quite picky about which books to read.

I think the way Book Pig's site is set up is very helpful in choosing good books for my children. Try it yourself. You could even use this page to find books to buy or check out at the library. Go ahead browse for books. Click on the highlighted link to access the book browsing page. I think you'll find it useful to find some of the best children's books to buy, check out, or rent from BookPig for your child.

You can use this promo code READHLPZ to get a 50% discount on your first month's fee. This promotion code is valid until February 2012.

Visit this page to find out how BookPig works.

Do you have questions about this system? Does it sound interesting? Do you think you might want to try it out? Visit this page to get answers to frequently asked questions.

There are many great options. You can choose to buy a book, put your account on hold, and easily change your monthly plan. I've been thinking about signing up for awhile. I finally signed up today. I'll let you know how our experience goes. I have three children and signed up or the $12.99 per month plan. My nine year old gets 2 books. My twin seven year olds are going to get one book each. My kids helped adding books to their own queue.

You can add your own choices or have a BookPig librarian choose books for your child. I decided to choose our own books. I can see how having a librarian's help would be fun. I guess they send stickers for parents and kids to give feedback about the books Book Pig chose.


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