Welcome to the ninth Magnetic Letter Monday post. Do you have magnetic letters? Are they organized? Find an easy way to organize magnetic letters here. You will find many ways to use magnetic letters on this blog. I've collected most of the videos I've created using magnetic letters to teach phonics in a lens I created with Squidoo called Teach a Child to Read with Phonics.

It's Magnetic Letter Monday and I have writer's block. I didn't want to skip posting, so I decided to share a review of magnetic letter resources I've already created with you. You can find some more ideas to teach with magnetic letters in the magnetic letter label in my side bar.
Since my brain is not coming up with something new and useful today, I'm sharing links to other bloggers' posts with ways to teach with magnetic letters. My next Magnetic Letter Monday post will be amazing! Well good at least. I hope you find something new and useful from this list of links.

quick trick: magnetic letters (how to use them with your kids!) by Teach Mama

Best Resources to Teach Your Child to Read at HubPages by Rasberry

Magnetic Letters by Teaching Two

Are you thinking about buying magnetic letters? If you buy some today, you'll be ready for next Monday's post.


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Jackie H. said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one with writer's block. I don't know if I'll post all week... hopefully it passes soon but for now I'm just enjoying reading other's blogs! So thanks for the links