Teach Phonograms to Early Readers and Spellers

Phonograms are letters or letter combinations that represent a sound. I will be focusing on teaching phonograms every Friday for awhile. Here's a link to common two letter flash cards to print and cut for practice.

My previous Friday focuses have been Phonological Awareness and Flashcards. Click on the highlighted links to view these posts starting with the most recent and working backwards.

Learning the alphabet and the sounds each letter of the alphabet makes is a good starting point for learning to read using phonograms. I recommend teaching the short sound for vowels first since most beginning reader books have words with short vowel sounds. Try out Starfall for letter learning and easy reader books online to get a child started reading. Here's a post of mine sharing ways to learn letters and letter sounds.

Learn about two common short vowel phonics rules here. Watch a video demonstration of short vowel and long vowel words here.

Once a child has a good understanding and experience reading and spelling words with single letter phonograms you can start teaching about letter combination phonograms.

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Rachel said...

Printing the 70 sight word cards now! Thanks!