Join the Quest to Find the Best Books for Babies, Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Beginning Readers!

You can join this quest if you are a child, parent, teacher, blogger, grandparent, or just someone who loves children's books.

I wrote a lens at Squidoo called Reading Starts at Home. This lens has lists of Top 10 Children's Books separated by age groups. You will find the Top 10 lists toward the end of my write up. My goal is to get a ton of participation in these lists. I'd like to have valid useful lists by May 1, 2011. I may not reach this goal since voters must be signed up with Squidoo. If you'd like to help, here's a link to sign up with Squidoo. If you are a writer, you may find this a fun platform for writing. Once you have signed up with Squidoo, I think the voting plexos in the side column of this blog will work for you.

The lists I've created are plexos. Plexos allow others to vote, add, and share. You can participate by voting books up or down. Look for two important buttons at the bottom of the lists if you'd like to add your own book selections or share this list on your blog, website, or Squidoo lens.

I'll post the results in May. If you are a blogger, it might be fun to add these lists to your blog and announce the quest! You could post the results in May with your own Amazon links. I know I have some blogging followers. Can you help?

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Michelle said...

Are the links in the top right side of my blog working for you? Please let me know if you could access the list.
If you can't get to the lists here, then look at the bottom of this lens(article) I wrote at Squidoo.