I Found Two Spelling Words for My Twins to Practice from Their Writing This Week

Last Monday I made a post suggesting parents make a list of words their children misspell regularly in their writing.
My second grade twins have become pretty good spellers, but I found a word for each of them to practice with magnetic letters from school papers this week.

My seven year old daughter needs to practice the word answer.

I've added the word answer to a list I'm making for her. This week I'll leave these magnetic letters on a magnetic board, mix them up, and have her put them back together a few times. Her list of words to start spelling correctly is on the refrigerator, so she can see it everyday.

My seven year old son needs to learn to spell does correctly. This should be a pretty easy fix. I'll let him know to think of the word do before spelling the word. I caught him spelling deos and deosn't.

I'm leaving this word out for my son to mix up and put back together. His list of words to spell correctly is posted on the refrigerator also. I'm searching with my eagles eyes for more words this week.

What do you think about this idea to help children learn to spell?



Jackie H. said...

I think it's a wonderful authentic way to practice the spelling that matters to them. When I taught, each of my students had an individual apelling list. It was a lot to keep track of and I have to admit almost made me lose my mind BUT the benefits it reaped in writing time were phenomenal.
I also like how you color coded the magnetic letters with consonants and vowels.

The Book Chook said...

Totally agree with Jackie. The other thing that worked for some of my students, maybe those who were more auditory than visual, was to pronounce a word the way it's spelled. So I would have the child say "ans - wer", pronouncing the w.