I Celebrated Read Across America Day in an Extra Special Way!

My kids and I got out our favorite Dr. Suess books. My second grade twins brought their favorites to school. My daughter brought The Sneeches and Other Stories. My son brought Green Eggs and Ham.

We have such happy memories of reading Dr. Suess books together!

I celebrated something all by myself. I woke up to find a lens I wrote and nominated to be a perfect Lens of the Day for Read Across America Day was given a write up and posted on a popular blog. Here's the link.

The lens I wrote is titled Reading Starts at Home. I'm happy and celebrating for two reasons.

The first reason I'm happy is because my ideas about teaching reading are being validated. I'm not the type of person who wants to be right and someone else to be wrong. My ideas about ways to teach reading have been developing over time. I look for the latest research and try to find the most effective ways. Many people are looking at the information I shared in this lens and telling me they agree and find it useful in comments.

The second reason I'm happy is because the information I worked so hard on is being shared with parents who may use it. Children will be learning to read from their parents!

We made green eggs, ham, and pancakes for dinner on March 3rd in honor of Dr. Suess and his popular book, Green Eggs and Ham. We used neon green food coloring. Funny how many eggs a kid can eat when they are neon green! Did anyone else have green eggs and ham this year?

I'd love it if you voted on some children's books. You'll find a place to submit books and vote for books in my Reading Starts at Home lens. There are links to vote in the top right section of my blog's sidebar too.

I hope everyone had a nice Read Across America Day.

You may want to try of some ideas collected by Candance Lindemann for next year. You will find ideas to celebrate Dr. Suess's Birthday and Read Across America in this post. Have a Suess-tastic Day

Why not learn with Dr. Suess with this Dr. Suess Unit from 2 Teaching Mommies?

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Jackie H. said...

Congratulations! It was the perfect lens for the day. That's exciting to think of a parent using that information to enrich her child's life.
Last year I made the green eggs and I found out that turning a 1 1/2 year old's eggs green totally freaks him out. So we didn't do it this year. I think I'll wait until next year.. he does read that book now nearly every night but still... who wants to waste the eggs :) Maybe at 3 1/2 he'll get the connection better. :)