Teach My Child to Read - Have you thought about a reading tutor?

I tutor children with reading, but I'd rather help parents be a reading tutor to their own child. That's why I write this blog. I've done some writing at Squidoo lately to share information with parents, so they don't have to get a reading tutor for a child.

Parents who know a little about teaching reading can make a huge impact. I think I've shared some simple ways for you to help your child learn to read in two lenses I wrote at Squidoo.

Teach a Child to Read with Phonics

Reading Starts at Home

Read my lenses at Squidoo. Take some of this information and work with your child throughout the week. It takes patience to teach your own child. I know from experience. The payoff is so worth it!

Best wishes on your reading journey! You CAN be your child's best teacher! Believe! I think I can... I think I can... You can! You did! Come back and share your success in a comment.


Katie Smith said...

Thank you for sharing this cute blog!Great ideas for reading! I am awarding you the stylish blogger award!

Michelle said...

Thank you Katie! I like your blog too. I'm honored to get this award.

Roma said...

Interesting...I am also a tutor specializing in reading. As a grandmother, I find myself with more time, and have begun sharing my techniques with parent educators.

Michelle said...

Thanks for commenting, Roma. If you think about it, teaching parents is the most effective way to help the most children! Keep sharing with parents!

apple said...

Parents must be responsible for their child's learning, and teaching them to read is the best thing we can do while they're still a child. Thanks for sharing this interesting information to us.

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