Share Read The Chick and the Duckling

Shared reading allows a child who can't read words yet to pretend read a familiar book. If your child can't read yet, you should read this book to your child a number of times before asking a child to share read this story.
If your child is beginning to read, you can have a child practice reading words. You can get your child ready to read words in this book by using magnetic letters. One way to help a child learn words is to present the words on a board, mix them up, and have a child put the words back together making the sounds as the letters are put in place.

These are the words a child will be reading for part of the chick. (said, cried, me, to, the, not) Present the words on a magnetic letter board, sound them out, have your child mix them up, and put the words back together.

Did your child have success putting these words back together? Do you think your child is ready to read these words in a book? Then you can give your child the part of the chick without reading the story to your child a few times first. You'll want to show the word chick. Talk about quotation marks. Tell your child he or she has the part of the chick, and you will read the rest.

Here's a video of me share reading The Chick and the Duckling with my daughter.



Deb Chitwood said...

What a sweet video! I like the way you introduce the words first with the vowels in one color and consonants in another. The Montessori movable alphabet has consonants in red and vowels in blue, but the different colors definitely help with the phonetic understanding of words. Visiting from Mom Loop. Deb @

Callie said...

I love that book! And great idea to move the magnetic letters around. My four year old would love that, and I think she'd find it quite helpful in her learning.