Practice Reading High Frequency Words with Five Free Online Stories.

Free Online Stories:
Each story has a stop button. You can use the stop button to look for high frequency words a child knows, practice reading together, or let a child reread a page on his or her own.

If a child is making a mistake on more than one in twenty words, the story is not at his or her reading level. You can give support by telling a word, helping a child sound a word out, reading at the same time, or encouraging a child to reread from the beginning of a sentence. It is amazing to see what happens when a child rereads a sentence after figuring out one or two words. The child will then combine his letter to sound knowledge with the flow of the sentence.

Please look for my suggested uses for these stories further down this page.
Special thanks to Reading is Fundamental and Mighty Books for sharing these free children's books online.
The Big Wave

Jungle Eyes

Donkey Jack

If Only I Were

Dinosaur Horn

Are you are using the set of 70 high frequency word flashcards I shared? These stories will give your child an opportunity to practice some words he or she has learned. If you haven't printed the flashcards and want to, visit this link. Find some ways I've shared to introduce, teach, and practice these high frequency words here.

My Suggested Ways to Use These Free Online Stories:
These are only suggestions. Please follow your child's lead. You will know if something is too hard. Learning to read can be fun for a child if we push them a little at a time without frustration.

1. Let the story play all the way through the first time. Let a child enjoy the pictures and story at least once before attempting to teach with it.

2. Play the story and stop on all or just a few pages to search for known words. You could practice sounding out some words too.

3. Play the story. Stop on all or just a few pages and reread the page with your child. Try to imitate the expression of the recorded reader as you point under the words.

4. Play the story. Stop on all or just a few pages and let a child reread the page alone.


Lauralee Moss said...

Thanks for the great ideas. My son is "into the computer" because he sees his father and I work on them all the time. I had no idea such websites existed. Now I know a place he can visit on the computer!

Michelle said...

I have some links to more online stories and online reading games for kids in the pages located at the top of my blog. I'll highlight some more in future posts.
I'm so happy you're finding ideas to use. Keep coming back. Readers like you give me motivation.