Help a Child Learn High Frequency Words Using Related Phonics Rules

Print and cut the high frequency flashcards I shared in a previous post. Teach and practice some of these words your way or use some of the ways I've shared.
Make some blank cards to teach and practice new words with related phonics rules. You can add a few more words that follow these rules. Learn more about teaching phonics here.

When children are first learning and practicing new words with flashcards, I like to leave all related words next to each other. This way a child begins to see a pattern and learns a rule without having to memorize each rule. This type of practice will get a child's brain to start making a category of words and automatically find the right rule to try when reading new words that fit the category or pattern. This post will focus on three common patterns found in beginning reader books.

Here are pictures of how I like to group some of the flashcards when I teach with them.

The first 3 pictures show consonant and vowel patterns to determine vowel sounds.

CV- Words with this pattern usually have a long vowel sound at the end of a word.
Find more words that follow this rule. You could add the words he, hi, or ho ho ho.

VC - Words with this pattern will usually have a short vowel sound at the beginning of the word.
Can you think of more words for this rule? Look for some in books you read.

CVC - Words with this pattern will usually a short vowel sound in the middle of the word.
Once you start looking, you will find a ton of words that follow this rule. Words ending with ind, old, and ild usually have a long vowel sound. Words with this spelling pattern can be taught as a group.

Here are some other groups of flashcards I will show how to work with soon.


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