Teach with Magnetic Letters and Phonics Pathways - Magnetic Letter Monday

I plan to make a post every Monday showing ways to teach with magnetic letters. I'll label each post with Magnetic Letter Monday. You will be able to access all Magnetic Letter Monday posts here. Find a link to purchase magnetic letters here.
Phonics Pathways - Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect Spelling and Reading Pathways - Simple Exercises to Improve Reading Fluency are two great teaching tools I use when tutoring. I used these books to help my daughter overcome some reading challenges.

If you choose to use these books, you may want to combine some teaching with magnetic letters. Here are some videos I've made showing how to use magnetic letters with some lessons from these books.



Summer Jo said...

I featured you today on my blog:

You have a great website!
How soon do you think is too soon to start teaching your toddler to read?

Michelle said...

Thanks Summer Jo! I like your blog too. I enjoyed reading about your son's love of books.

When it comes to teaching a toddler to read I suggest following their lead. If they seem ready for something, go ahead and try it. I will make a post soon to address this question. It's a hard one. Every child is so different. I'm going to do some thinking a find some references to use to evaluate a child's readiness to read. There are many pre-reading skills that can be practiced and taught. Some children learn these skills naturally and early and are ready to read at three.