Teach the Schwa Sound with Words: the and was from My Printable Flashcards

The words covered on this blog from my printable high frequency word flashcards are: go, no, me, we, but, fun, run, in, is, on. Find a link to all posts related to these flashcards here.

Let's add the words the and was to the words your child is practicing. Some people teach these words by sight or spell the letters, because they don't think the words can be sounded out. There is only one sound that doesn't make sense until you teach the schwa sound.

What is the schwa sound? I teach it as the sound that says, "uh". I tell children that all vowels can make the schwa sound. When a short or long vowel sound doesn't work, try the schwa sound. It's a fun sound. It's like the short u sound, or the sound a person makes when he or she is thinking. Of course vowels and vowel combinations make many more sounds, but the schwa sound is common and worth a try.

Here are links to two more explanations of the schwa sound:
schwa sound explanation from Reading Horizons

schwa sound explanation from A to Z Phonics

Add the flashcards the and was to your child's practice pile after teaching your child to read these words from beginning to end. Writing these words or using magnetic letters is a good way to start. Magnetic letters have the added bonus of mixing up the letters and asking a child to put them back together.

If you have the book Where's Spot, you can have a child practice reading the words is, he, in, and the by share reading this predictable book.


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