Now I'm Reading - Reader's Theater Plays for Children

Nora Gaydos wrote and published my favorite phonics series for children. You'll find links to her phonics series here
I'm excited to share a new series Nora Gaydos has created. She has created plays for children with 5 scripts for putting on a play, 4 masks, and a separate 24 page storybook for reading without putting on a play.

Level 1 Plays:

Level 2 Plays:

Putting on these types of plays can increase a child's fluency and reading with expression through practice and repetition. Children will love reading these stories over and over. Some parts are easier than others, so you can accomodate different reading levels.

If you purchase these books for your family or classroom, come back and let us know how much fun you had.

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The Book Chook said...

I love reader's theatre and what it can do to increase fluency and develop a love of, and understanding for, literature. I describe lots of different ways to use it in which might be useful for your reading resources.