Have You Printed the Sight Word or High Frequency Word Flashcards I Shared?

I recently shared directions to print and cut high frequency word flashcards with phonics rules on the back. I'll be making more posts showing how to teach phonics rules and introduce new words with a beginning reader.
Please print these flashcards and use my upcoming posts to help your beginning reader. Make sure you follow your learner's lead. Stop if something is too frustrating.

I suggest having two ziplock bags. One bag for unknown words and one bag for learning and review of known words. You can add more words. Make some blank 2" by 4 1/4" cards to write more words you'd like to teach. In the beginning I like to group similiar words together. You could add the word so along with no and go. Since it's close to Christmas you could add a card with ho ho ho on it. Grouping these words together will reinforce the long o sound and the consonant vowel (CV) pattern.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the offer to help. I will be back to read more of your blog after Christmas. I'm going to take a break from reading instruction until January. I am looking forward to reading your ideas and resources. Thank you for putting this information out here! Happy Holidays! ~Cori