Teach Syllables with a Free Online Story - Phonological Awareness Friday

Welcome to Phonological Awareness Friday.
Activity #1 -
Listen and watch the story Birds in a Band. Point under the words as the story is read. Try to keep your finger under more than one syllable words without bouncing your finger. The story goes fast. Skip pointing if it's too hard.

Activity #2 -
Write down the names of the birds or use magnetic letters and separate the syllables. Clap or tap the syllables in each bird name. Explain that syllables are the beat of a word. Have your learner clap or tap the syllables with you. Then see if your learner wants to do it on his or her own.

Activity #3 -
Listen to the story again. When a new bird name in shown push the button to stop the story. Point to the bird name and clap or tap the syllables in the bird name together.

Activity #4 -
Explain that beginning readers usually point under words when reading. Sometimes words with more than one beat or syllable trick readers. Listen to the story again and push the stop button after each page is read. You read the page slowly and point under the words together. Teach your learner to keep his or her finger on more than one syllable words until the next word is read.

Magnetic letters can be used in so many ways to teach a beginning reader. I used these magnetic letters and this Little Red Tool Box magnetic dry-erase white board easel for this post. There are four of each letter in the magnetic letter set I've suggested. If you buy magnetic letters, you may want to check out this post for an idea to organize your letters.

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