Information from Scholastic for Parents Teaching a Child to Read

Here's some information I found at Scholastic I'd like to share with my readers.

Teach with Phonics Skills Chart

Breaking the Code: Primary Grade Reading Skills

Sounding Out Phonics

Look around the site. I'm sure you'll find more helpful information. These were some of my favorites.


Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

Thanks for so many great ideas, Michelle!

Michelle said...

Thanks Madeline! I'm glad you stopped by. I love your Mad About Reading Blog. I have it on my blog list. You share great tips for parents reading with their children.

Anonymous said...

parents should read to their kids - its the most obvious way to teach them. So many parents dont do it enough. I wanted to mention on this blog that I found a solution for parents who travel (like myself). We started using readeo.com - a video-conference service. its like skype, but its mashed together with a decent variety of quality children's eBooks. So you can turn the pages and read outloud face to face albiet long-distance. Its a good resource


Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing readeo on this blog. I checked it out. It looks great. Your kids are lucky to have a dad who makes reading to them a priority!