Free Phonics Reading Programs

Research has shown that most children need some type of systematic phonics instruction. There are some really good phonics books available today. I recommend combining phonics books with easy reader books for children learning to read.
Progressive Phonics - This site requires registration, but it's free. I registered and have not received any unwanted emails.

Starfall - You'll love this site! Be sure move your curser around the Learn to Read stories for fun animations.

Free Reading - Read a review of the program here.


Jackie H. said...

I used Starfall with my students all the time. My 2 year old already likes to watch the little ABC videos (and knows all of his letters). I'm not familiar with the other ones so thanks for sharing!!

Together Time 4 Families said...

Thanks for the information! I tutor ESL adults and I think the information about the vowels may help them. Also, I was happy to read that section for use with my grandchildren. I looked over the easy reader books and will definately look for them at the Library.
Thanks for the interesting post.