Find a Good Book to Read Outloud and Make It a Book Night!

My family loves movie night. We snuggle up, eat popcorn, drink pop, and watch a movie together. The other day I suggested we make it a book night instead of a movie night. We made popcorn, put pop in our special cups with lids, and sat in the livingroom with the TV off. My kids wanted me to make a fire too. Their dad was out of town, and I was too tired. I do think a fire would've been great, maybe next time.
We read Mick Hart Was Here by Barbara Park. It's a book I've been wanting to read to my kids. Their grandpa drowned a little over a year ago. My kids were very close to their grandpa and have been doing an amazing job dealing with their grief. The main character in the book deals with the death of her brother to a bicycle accident. It's a well done book with humor and a fulfilling resolution.

There are so many good books to read outloud. My kids mostly like realistic fiction with some humor. Here are a few of my family's favorites in no particular order.
A Week In the Woods
Dear Max
Roxy and The Hooligans

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Share in a comment some favorite books you have read outloud.

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