I Won The Big No-No Toon Book from Imagination Soup

I recently entered to win The Big No-No Toon Book in a post at Imagination Soup. If you haven't checked out Melissa Taylor's Imagination Soup blog, you should. I love the reading section. My children and I were thrilled to get the book in the mail. We've been to the Toon Book Website and checked out a few Toon Book titles at the library. This is the first Toon Book we own. My youngest son keeps it by his bed. He's read it more than six times.
I think graphic novels and comics get some children to read more. My kids open a book as soon as they wake up when they have a book they love, especially if it's a comic. Click here for a collection of some graphic novels and comics for children.


Melissa Taylor said...

Thanks for the mention, Michelle! I'm so happy to hear you like The Big No-No! The Toon Books open up a whole new world for early readers, don't you think?


Michelle said...

Toon Books are great. I read your interview with the author. It was fun learning how he came up with the characters and ideas. You made a great point about using comics for children reading below grade level. It can keep them interested and not make them feel like they are reading too easy material.

mom2girls said...

Hi following you back, thanks for letting me know about these books, I had not heard of them before and my daughters might really like them. They are both avid readers (well one is a avid being read to LOL) great site!