Activities For Left to Right and Return Sweep Reading

Left to right return sweep reading involves eye tracking. If you suspect eye tracking problems, there is help online. Check out this page for eye tracking.

Eye Can Learn has great information and resources for parents who are wondering if a child's reading problems are related to vision issues. 

This is my original post and the following comments relate to this post. However Eye Can Learn has recently updated their site. The following links no longer work.
Have a child try out these activities. The child should name the number before the next number appears. There are three speeds for practice.
Slow - Click here for practice.
Medium - Click here for practice.
Fast - Click here for practice.


The Activity Mom said...

This is so cool! I tried it with B and he really liked doing it. It was numbers though, not letters.

I also tweeted about it.

Michelle said...

I found this from an eye exercise site. I was researching visual skills and how it relates to reading problems when I found this. There are a lot of visual skills and eye tracking involved in reading. Poor visual skills can sometimes cause reading problems.
The activity seems like good practice for children moving into chapter books with many lines of text. It also might be an indicator of visual problems if a child has difficulty with the slow activity. Here's a link to the site where I found this activity. http://www.eyecanlearn.com/#Visual

Michelle said...

Dear Activity Mom,
I just edited my post today. Even after reading your comment, I didn't notice that I had accidently typed "read the letter". My post now says "read the number". Thanks for letting me know.