Motivate a Beginning Reader with Dragon Books and Drawing Dragons

My kids have been into dragons this summer. Dav Pilkey and M.P. Robertson's books have been popular with my children. I'm providing links to our favorite books from Amazon for you to review. We checked ours out at the library. I'd say these books are at the end of first grade reading level. If a child tries to read these books and misses more than 1 in 10 words, I recommend reading the books to the child

A Friend for Dragon
and Dragon's Fat Cat by Dav Pilkey

The Egg, The Dragon Snatcher, and The Great Dragon Rescue by M. P. Robertson

They are perfect for my almost seven year twins. My nine year old likes the stories too.
Check out my nine year old son's dragon drawings.

We checked out the book Ralph Masiello's Dragon Drawing Book at the library to help with drawing.

If you like combining artwork with books, check out this link from A Mommy's Adventures.



Anonymous said...

we love the Pilkey books...Dragon is such a lovable and silly character!

Charlene said...

What a great drawing!

If you stop by to see our stART project, then please check out the interview I did with Leah of Almost Unschoolers as well!