Have You Read 39 Clues?

I just discovered this series. It could be a good series for my nine year old. My plan is to check out the first book at the library and read it outloud to all my kids. I'm hoping it will hold the attention of my seven year old twins too.

Here's a link to the 39 Clues site.

Any comments are welcome. I'd love to hear from anyone who has read books from this series.


Ticia said...

I"ve read the first few. They're okay, but not great. I like Red Pyramid better, for a similar genre, but that's geared for middle school I would guess. 39 Clues feels more upper elementary.

Michelle said...

Thanks for your comment Ticia. I'm still on the fence about introducing this ten book series. The online game and cards might be fun, but they could eat up a lot of time. There are so many good books we want to read this summer.

I'll check out Red Pyramid when my kids get older.

More comments are welcome.

Michelle said...

My son is currently reading Swindle. We have the first 39 Clues checked out, but I'm not planning to read it outloud to my three kids. We'll see if my nine year old chooses to read it. There are so many great books. He has a few choices and looks through a book a little before committing to reading the entire book. He hasn't shown a lot of interest in 39 Clues.