Books I'm Sending Home with the Student I Tutor

I'm sending home The Red Set of Brand New Readers for the parents of the child I'm tutoring this summer. I'm working on phonics in a number of ways. I like to combine other reading behaviors with phonics to teach a child to think and ask questions while reading.
Brand New Readers are great for parents to introduce the story and plant some of the language of the story in a beginning reader's head. A reader will combine thinking about the story, picture clues, and print to be successful. I recommend combining phonics books with easy reader books to teach beginning readers.

Here's a sample page of an introduction to one of the stories in Brand New Readers Red Set.

I'm only tutoring this student once a week for two months, so I'm encouraging as much parental support as possible. I'll also be sending home all the books we have read during tutoring sessions for extra rereading practice.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting Layers of Learning. I'm so glad you like it.

I sometimes have a hard time identifiying whether my kids have memorized a story or if they are really reading it. They often guess at what they think the book will say rather than reading what is really says. I stop them and ask them to read more carefully. But often I think the books they've read several times are just memorized. Is it a big deal?

Michelle said...

I do like Layers of Learning, Michelle.

Thanks for asking me this question about memorizing or reading.

Children who have had books read to them over and over often love to pretend to read them or tell them in their own words by remembering the story. This is great practice for real reading. I'd allow this practice of exploring reading with books almost memorized without correcting. It might be fun to sit back and let your children pretend they are adults and you are a child listening. This type of reading lets children "read" books above their normal reading abilities.

When it comes time to practice real reading and look carefully at words, it should be with a book near his or her reading level.

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