Make Reading A Story Better By Changing Your Voice for Different Characters

I'm including links to two authors reading their own stories to show you how it's done. I'm not including a video of myself, because I'm not very good at it. Although that doesn't stop me. Many times I'll use the wrong voice for a character, or forget to use a different voice at all. It can be challenging, but it adds to the fun of reading a story. I don't have the energy or confidence to use voices all the time, but I like to surprise my kids every now and then.
Mouse Was Mad

Lulu the Big Little Chick

Do you feel inspired? Remember you don't have to be perfect. It's all about the fun!


The Book Chook said...

I love to read aloud and yes, always use the voices! my students ALWAYS corrected me if i got mixed up, but as you say, that was part of the fun.

My role model in this is Mem Fox. She has pages at her website where you can hear her reading aloud, and there are videos of her online too.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your role model, Book Chook. I'll be sure to watch some videos of Mem Fox reading.
You share some great information at The Book Chook. I'm a regular reader.

SpitFire said...

I couldn't find your contact information (I'm probably suffering mommy brain, and just missed it) but I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. My oldest is 5, so teaching is easy at this point. If you really were interested in information on homeschooling you should talk to my Mom (who has & is homeschooling all of her 10 children). You can find her at theverylatestthing.blogspot.com

The Book Chook said...

I'm glad Michelle! And thank YOU for posting about the blogfrog community. I don't get enough time for the networking I would like, but I thought your idea of using blogfrog to visit a couple of blogs was a great one!

hillel said...

And you may want to let your readers know that the service those authors used to record themselves reading their books can be used by YOU! Just head over to www.astorybeforebed.com and you can choose from 120 books and growing to record yourself reading.

It's a great way to practice your reading skills as you can preview your recording and make sure you're happy with it before you save it.


Michelle said...

Thank you, Hillel. I'm going to check it out. It sounds like fun. I may create a post about it soon too.

hillel said...

Sounds great. Let me know if I can help you in any way with the post. :)