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I'll provide a helpful introduction to give to a child before listening to this story. The story has a stop button. Please use the button to stop and talk about the story with a child. Make predictions, talk about feelings, ask what the child would do, etc.

Introduction:  "In this story a girl named Joy went to a summer camp for young witches. Do you think you'd like to go to a summer camp and learn to be a witch? Can you think of a spell you would like to learn? (Share a spell you would like to learn. I might share I'd like to be able to snap my fingers and have a clean house.) Things went wrong for Joy when she tried to make a spell to turn herself into a fairy. Let's listen to this story and find out what goes wrong."

After you've tried this, please share how it went with a comment.
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Keith Schoch said...

I love the fact that you approach this as a "together" activity. Not a you-do-this-while-I-go-do-my-own-thing activity. I think too often online activities are used as "educational" babysitters, rather than real learning tools, but your approach is a terrific one!

Michelle said...

Thanks Keith. Your comment means a lot. You have some great blogs. I encourage anyone reading this to click on Keith's name and check out his blogs. Baseball fans are in for a treat with Keith's Play Ball blog.

bridget3420 said...

I added your link to my blogroll. You can visit my blogs here: