Use a Video Introduction Before Reading a Book

Many reading experts suggest giving an introduction to a book before a child reads. A good introduction will engage the reader and give a purpose for reading. Check out some of these exciting book introductions.

Scholastic Book Trailers

A Growing Collection of Book Introduction Videos

Look for a book you own, make a list for your next library visit, or use the Amazon search box on this site to find books you want to read from video introductions.

Try making your own introductions to other books to build interest and give a purpose for reading.


GlowinGirl said...

Interesting . . . We've always been huge readers at our house. I think having stacks of a variety of good books helps . . . and reading them, of course! :)

Plus, modeling reading is extremely effective. But this is a new one to me!

Ginny Marie said...

I would do a "book walk" with my students as an introduction to a new book. It seemed to grab their interest right away! I'm sure a video introduction would make them eager to read, too.