Children Can Use Wikki Stix to Make Letters and Words

Wikki stix can be used to make letters and words. Super Wikki Stix or more than one Wikki connected to another can be used to show correct letter formation with printing or cursive. A child can spell simple words and practice making letters.

These Wikki Stix are stuck to a wall in my house. I moved them without leaving any marks on my freshly painted wall. I was a little worried when we put them up, but no marks were left after being on the wall for over a month.

Wikki Stix are a fun activity to keep children entertained. Check out these products and the reviews from some Amazon shoppers. Look for Super Saver Free Shipping!
Wikki Stix                                                                                  


Wikki Stix are a great toy! They can also be used a number of ways to help a beginning reader. I'll be making more posts showing creative ways to use Wikki Stix. I have a few Wikki Stix, but I'm buying the Wikki Stix Activity Set, Super Wikki Stix, and the Wikki Stix Big Count Box today. Subscribe to this blog, so you don't miss a post.

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Wendy said...

Wikki Stix are great and they are made in the USA! A big plus! I just discovered:

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