Use Magnetic Letters to Teach Blending the First Two Sounds in a Word

I have a student I'm tutoring who usually makes the first sound in a word and pauses. His eyes bounce all over the word or he looks away. He tries to guess at the word instead of using the letters to help him read the word. We've been working on blending the first two sounds in a word without pausing. The following videos show examples of what I've been trying with him.

This strategy is working for my student. He is in second grade and doesn't like me to show him how to do things. Usually I like to use my voice to show a student how to blend, but this particular student gets upset when I show him first. He wants to feel successful on his own. This activity forces him to make the first two sounds together. Then I sneak in the last sound.

I'm hoping to teach him to read a word fluently from left to right.

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Ticia said...

great idea. You're creating such a wealth of ideas for people who are teaching reading.

Terry Doherty said...

Hi Michelle, found you via a Tweet about your list of resources. Very helpful!!

Would you mind if I added some of them to our literacy and reading wiki?

Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

Magnetic letters are a wonderful hands-on tool for any child. Thanks for the reminder.

Michelle said...

Thanks Madeline, Terry, and Ticia for your comments. You inspire me to post more. I'm trying to keep a healthy balance between family life, business, and blogging.

Dr. Madeline Boskey said...

We can do that for one another! Thanks, Michelle, for reaching out.