Don't Buy Expensive Reading Programs to Teach Your Child To Read!

Through my teaching experience and experience with my own children I've learned that children do not learn the same. Therefore no reading program will meet the needs of all children.

A parent with a little knowledge, time, and resources will be able to teach a child to read much better than any reading program.

I think the best way to teach a child to read is to have a child read good books at the child's level with a supportive adult. Create a collection of these books and have the child reread them many times. The child will become more fluent and enjoy the books more each time the books are read.

Reading is a complicated process. Some children make it look easy and some children struggle. Children who struggle have not learned all the skills necessary to read.

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Karren said...

So true! I cringe every time I see the advertisements selling programs to teach babies to read. A library card is free and such a better investment.

Michelle said...

Thank you for your comment. Many libraries have a librarian stationed in the children's section who can help suggest books. Last time I was there my son found a perfect book to match his reading level and interests with help from a librarian.